A series of coincidences, or a catastrophe?


As of January 23, 2021, the first 4 variants of the COVID 19 virus have been identified at the global level and are well documented as « of concern » (contagiousness, prevalence, or more). However:                                                                                                                             

 – All 4 appeared in the only first 4 countries in the world to launch trials of Astra-Zeneca’s vaccine, in the 2nd half of 2020.  

– The chronological order of occurrence of these 4 variants is the same as that of the launch of the trials: United Kingdom, then South Africa and Brazil, and finally USA.                                                                      

 – These 4 problematic variants present similarities, including the same variation of the Spike protein, called N501Y (Asparagine replaced by tyrosine in position 501), although they appeared on 4 different continents.        

 – At the local level in these 4 countries, the similarities between « trial regions » and « variant regions » are extremely disturbing:

. In the United Kingdom and the USA: the regions where the variant appeared are those where trials were conducted by Astra-Zeneca: Kent-London and Ohio-Colombus.

. In Brazil: The hypotheses of a link between vaccine trials and local variants are based on the variant’s transport by a carrier (or a succession of carriers) from one of the six trial regions to the region where there was a widespread occurrence of the variant: Amazonia.

. In South Africa: this would involve either the recruitment by the Cape Town testing center of volunteers from the neighbouring Eastern Cape region (an easily verifiable hypothesis), or the same hypotheses as in Brazil.

In any case, the set of concordances is so coherent and worrying that it deserves 4 immediate measures:

1) Worldwide survey by a group of scientists with no interest in Astra-Zeneca. With a balance between those who reported and those who denied the dangers of adenovirus vaccines, such as Astra-Zeneca’s, among others.

2) Suspension of decisions, including European decisions, on the mass roll-out of Astra-Zeneca’s vaccine until the extreme global danger represented by any extension of vaccinations with this specific vaccine is scientifically ruled out.

3) Immediate examination of alternative solutions which have been totally neglected until now in most Western countries: traditional vaccines and early inexpensive ambulatory treatments now well evaluated by scientific research and proven throughout the world based on half a dozen well-known products.

4) Implementation of a specific follow-up of patients who participated in trials in countries entering experimentation after the first 4 countries mentioned above, namely: Kenya, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and possibly China. 

Alert launched on 24/01/21, with the following principle: “Vaccination: yes, but not without precautions” 

Dr. Bernard Giral, coordinator of the vaccination centers in the country of Arles, founder and president of the 1st CPTS created in the southern region, M.G. in rural areas, speaking for himself only; Claude Escarguel, microbiologist, former meadow. Syndicat National des Praticiens Hospitaliers des Hôpitaux Généraux, co-creator of Biotech of which BVT (VIRBAC) = 1st vaccine in the world for canine leishmaniasis; Dr. Gérard Maudrux, former president of the Caisse Maladie des Professions Libérales, and of the Caisse de Retraite des Médecins de France ; Pierre Leclerc, former coordinator of a collective in favor of a « repositioned » generic drug; Fabrice Delorme, commercial director in the wine industry; Francis Poinsignon, retired agricultural engineer, citizen.

These signatories have no conflict of interest with Astra-Zeneca’s competitors.

Contacts : pierre.leclerc@live.fr fabrice.delorme@gmail.com contact.boucle_astra@yahoo.com

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